Organize Your Life with Stickers & Labels

Part of the problem with having instant access to information at our finger tips is that we are now totally overloaded with that information. There is just so much more to know and keep tabs on! Paper planners and organizers are a great way of offloading some of this burden from our brains. Studies have shown that a paper planner or calendar is a little more effective in helping us organize our thoughts and time than doing it digitally, and let’s face it, modern planners are often their own work of art.

Stickers and labels can add a level of organization to your life that can help you more effectively find what you’re looking for on a information dense planner page. They can also work as a memory trigger or a daily reminder. Getting into the habit of using specific stickers or labels can be a really great memory aid, especially if you’re able to make labels and stickers that are completely specific to you and your needs! Or you can just make whatever your heart desires and have fun decorating your daily planner or journal.

Either way, the Cricut Maker and Cricut Joy in our Create Space can definitely help you further refine your ability to customize your planner, journal, or calendar. We tried out several projects using our Cricuts for ease of use and customizability. We found that using Cricut branded materials makes doing these projects a cinch!

DIY Planner Stickers

Materials to Cut – Printable Vinyl Sheets

Everything Else – Standard Grip Machine Mat (12 x 12), Fine Point Pen (Black), Ink Jet Printer

We made these colorful labels utilizing a great, pre-made template in Cricut’s Design Space. These labels came out beautifully, and we’re looking forward to using them in our planners, bullet journals, and notebooks. These are sturdy vinyl stickers that peel right off their backing, so you can use a few at a time rather than having to sticker everything like you would if you used Cricut’s normal vinyl paper. We highly recommend taking advantage of our subscription to Cricut Access for loads of premade templates.

If you are interested in learning how to make your own stickers and utilize the Print Then Cut Feature in Design Space click HERE!

Baking Pantry Labels

Materials to Cut – Cricut Vinyl

Everything ElseStandard Grip Machine Mat (12×12), Transfer paper

Labelling things around your house is a great way to get organized and help you find things quickly. Labels also help make the “place for everything” rule that professional organizers and designers recommend easier to stick to. Plus, if they’re pretty, they just add good design to a space. Dare I say, they may bring you joy?

We found these great, customizable labels in Cricut Access. They utilize Cricut vinyl and transfer paper to make really sleek and elegant labels. The template is designed with the pantry in mind, but you can customize them with any words you want! Cricut vinyl is great for applications like glass, acrylic, or ceramic, so perfect for your pantry container needs.

Craft Labels for the Cricut Joy

Materials to Cut – Cricut Joy Smart Label Writable Label Craft Paper

Everything Else – Cricut Joy, Fine Point Pen (Black)

Making these labels was so easy! The line of Cricut Joy smart materials makes utilizing the Joy simple and quick. We found the template for these craft room labels in Access and then just loaded the writable craft paper labels and a black fine point pen into the Joy, and away we went. Using labels like these can be a be really effective and helpful, especially if you have a lot of drawers or boxes that you may not use everyday. Not having to go through every drawer or box in your crafting space to find the pom-poms you used last spring makes it worth whipping up a set of these labels!

The Cricut is such a versatile tool, and we certainly love ours here at the library. During the course of researching and making these projects, we also learned a lot about using the cut and print feature to make completely customizable stickers and labels using any images you want. We can envisage so many uses and possibilities for this feature, and we bet you can, too. Stay tuned, we plan on demonstrating this for you soon and visit our Facebook page to catch the visual play by play of the creation of these 3 projects!

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